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Google Ads lets you test new ways of saying things.


Not getting traction from your new ad, email, or website? Refine your message, build a new landing page, and send 150 people to it with Google Ads. Measure, refine, and repeat.

That’s it, that’s all you need to know about search marketing. Okay, that not all there is to it, but it’s where you need to start.

First, please know we’re not Google nor do we work for Google. I am a Google Partner active with Google AdWords management since it started, and with Pay-Per-Click advertising since Overture invented it. I also bring decades of Direct Response Marketing experience to you, and Google Ads is Direct Response Marketing in its purest form.

Jon has achieved mastery in every nook and cranny of Google Ads and Google Analytics, and there are many. If he has my good looks it’s because he’s my son (only way I could afford him). He works hard to keep up with all of Google’s changes, and there are many. Plus he is a digital native, from building computers and websites to getting more of the right people to your site.

Nobody brings our unique combination of experience and results at anywhere close to what we charge. Nobody.

A Google Ads coach can make all the difference

The whole point of Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords) is to create customers, not just visitors.

Most people like us want to create visitors for you; that’s the easy part, frankly. That whole “creating customers” thing, well, that’s the tough part.

That’s what we do. We do it for you, and we teach you along the way. It normally takes about three months – and then we “give you the keys” to “let you drive.” Or we can continue to manage your campaign as long as we’re making you money. Your choice. We can also do a one-time assessment of a current campaign.

The problem with Google Ads

There are a few problems, actually, that stand in your way to making Google Ads your second best lead source behind referrals, and your #1 paid lead source, in terms of lowest cost-per-lead and total number of leads generated-

  • Google Ads looks simple; a small ad, a few keywords, and bids and you’re off to the races. It isn’t, not even close.
  • You may have tried Google Ads and it hasn’t worked. You may have even had a firm manage your campaign and, with the exception of those monthly reports they send that you don’t understand, nothing’s changed. The truth is you aren’t very good at Google Ads, and neither are they (see first problem listed above).
  • Nobody’s ever simplified your website and optimized it for conversions. This is a big part of the equation, a BIG part.

What we do

The first step is to build or rebuild your campaign.
You’ll need to grant us access to your Google Ads (if you have one) and Analytics accounts. And we require clients to add a session recording tool to their sites (about $29 per month — a simple piece of JavaScript gets added in the header of your site’s pages – (www.mouseflow.com). We’ll ask you lots of questions and spend time in Analytics understanding what has been happening on your site.

Building your campaign, of course, includes building Ad Groups, writing ads, doing keyword research, setting bids and creating tracking metrics (goals and/or events).
We also create content for landing pages. If you have a WordPress site or standard HTML site, your web developer will have little or no involvement in what we’ve described so far. If your site is older, you’re on a more robust CMS like Joomla or Drupal or your developer is anal about having people touch your site, plan on some additional expense for a minimal amount of your developer’s time.

There are actually two reasons to use Google Ads

The first reason I’ve talked about.
It should be your second best lead source behind referrals, and your #1 paid lead source, in terms of cost-per-lead and cost-per-sale. This is a pretty good reason, don’t you think?

The second reason: Google Ads answers questions quickly, cheaply, and accurately.
In fact, there isn’t a faster, cheaper, or more accurate “lab” to test things in. Fast: Considering introducing a new product? Build out a campaign about your new product, create a landing page and push 150-200 people through the campaign. All that in week one. Measure, refine, repeat. Get good answers in a matter of weeks. Cheap: You’ll pay us a few hundred dollars a week and a cost-per-click for your traffic. Compare this to a trade show, print ad, or new brochure. Accurate: Very simply, we’re getting direct feedback from your target customer. They either respond to your offer or they don’t. Forget my opinion or your opinion or your sales manager’s opinion. You’re seeing response (or not) from the people you want to buy from you. This is a pretty good reason too, don’t you think?

Once a week we manage the campaign on a designated day and time.
We’ll invite someone from your company to be part of each management session via screen sharing. They can watch and understand everything we do and why we do what we do. We train as we manage. This is like the old-school apprentice approach, and it works extremely well.

It works well because the work process is so important in the overall success of your Google Ads campaign.

The last two management sessions of month three we let the student “drive” and we observe, correct and offer feedback.

At this point the individual we trained is fully capable of managing your Adwords campaign on a weekly basis. Many clients choose to bring us in for a single management session once a month or once a quarter to lend an extra pair of eyes.

Fee: $2,500 for month one, $1,750/mo for months two and three
(click-through charges paid directly to Google and the cost of the session recording tool are additional).

One-Time Assessment

We can also do a one-time assessment of your current campaign. You’ll need to grant us access to your Ads and Analytics accounts, as before. The process:

We meet with you via net meeting to understand a bit about your customers, sales cycle, and the actions you want people to take on your website (buy, call, email, complete the form, sign up for the webinar/newsletter, watch the video, etc.).

We spend time in Analytics understanding what people are doing and what type of tracking you have set up.

We spend time in Ads to see what you have done and assess the results.

We write up our recommendations, giving specific examples, so you can make the changes. Or you can hire us to make them.

Cost: $1,750

If you’d like to talk more about your needs or exactly how we can work together,  and let’s set up a time to talk by phone. Or if it’s during regular business hours (Mountain Time) give me a call, perhaps we can talk right now: 602-369-1009.

Why hire us to be your Google Ads Coach

I am a direct response marketer. Direct response means you focus on causing people to respond — to take an action you want them to take. Google Ads is direct response marketing in its purest form.

Jon is a digital native. He knows his way around Google Ads and Google Analytics, and there’s a lot to know your way around. We make a very unique team.

As we mentioned at the top of this page, we’ve been doing paid search since before Google Ads existed. In fact, I (Hamilton) sat at the knee of employee number three of Overture for two days (Overture invented paid search). And I have sat at the knee of several others over the years who know far more than I do.

We generate on average 350 leads and $1.5 million in sales every month for our Google Ads clients.

We focus both on getting people to your site and on converting them once they’re there. Ask around, most people don’t do both, and without both you won’t get results.


Because Google Ads hasn’t worked for you doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. It simply means you haven’t been able to make it work.

It can and should produce the lowest cost per lead of all your paid lead sources.

Should we talk??
 and let’s set up a time to talk by phone.

Or if it’s during regular business hours (Mountain Time) give me a call, perhaps we can talk right now: 602-369-1009.

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